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Learning Licence

Temporary licence for learners comes with 6 months validity. Pass the driving test and get your learning driving licence.

Permanent Licence

Permanent licence for drivers comes with 20 years validity. Get it now to become a legal driver.

Learning Licence Required

Renew Licence

Renew your permanent licence for more 5 years after it expires.



In India, every person who is driving two and four wheelers on the road needs to carry a driving licence with them. It is an official document provided by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA) under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.


Benefits of having a driving licence

1Confidence in Driving
A person holding a driving licence gets more confident and comfortable in legally driving two and four wheeler vehicles on public roadways.
A person holding a valid driving licence should be considered as a legal driver and can legally run two and four wheelers vehicles on the road.
A driving licence is the identity of a driver that helps to verify the driver’s identity during road accidents and for various purposes also.
A driving licence will be considered as an age proof document in most government registrations.


What is the Eligibility for driving licence ?

A person who wants to holds a driving licence needs to full fill the following criteria:

  • An applicant should be aware of all the traffic rules & regulations.
  • An applicant must have to pass the driving test for getting a proper learning licence.
  • A person applying for a learning driving licence should be at least 16 years old and for a permanent licence it is 18 years.
  • Before applying for a permanent driving licence an applicant must have a valid learning licence.
  • An applicant must have a valid age and address proof documents.

Types of Driving Licence

There are two type of driving licences that you can apply online for:

  • 1. Learning driving license: It is a learner’s licence that comes with a validity of 6 months. This is a temporary licence for a person who wants to apply for a permanent driving licence.
  • For holding a learning driving licence a person needs to pass the driving test. After passing the driving test the person gets the learning licence.
  • 2. Permanent driving license: Once the validity period of learning a driving licence is over then a person can apply for a permanent driving licence. It is a permanent licence that comes with a validity period of 20 years.

Process to Apply for Driving License

Follow the below given apply process to get your driving licence or for quick registration fill the instant apply form.

  • From the Above Section, choose the driving licence type you want to apply.
  • Fill up the application form of selected licence and upload required documents.
  • Make your online payment to continue the further process of your application
  • Your Acknowledgement, Form 1A (Medical Form), Form 1 & appointment slip will be sent on your registered mail Id
  • Get signature done by a doctor (if required) on your Medical form (form 1A) and resend us via email or whatsapp
  • After sucessful completion of all process, you driving license will be sended to your given address by the courier.

NOTE: An applicant must have a valid age and address proof documents.



• Birth certificate

• School leaving certificate/transfer certificate

• 10th Class Marksheet

• PAN Card

• Voter Id Card


• Passport

• Aadhar Card

• Voter id card

• Telephone bill

• LIC policy statement

• Ration card




Fill Up Application Form


Make Online Payment


Our Executive Process Form


Receive Licence Via Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Driving licence is legal documnts in the form of card, which is given to applicant who passes the driving test. It is issued by the Ministy of Road and Transport and certified the licence holder as a legal driver.

It’s an easy process, in order to get driving licence you need to fill the above given DL form, upload the required documents, pay the service fee, and submit the application. After a few days you will get your driving licence in your given address.

The cost of a driving licence typically depends upon what type of driving licence you are applying for and in which state you are applying.

The most important benefit of driving licence is you can save yourself from heavy penalties and consider yourself as a legally licenced driver.

The minimum requirements for driving licence in India are as follows:

First, You need to be atleast 16 year old to get learning licence and 18 year old for permanent driving licence.

Second, Applicant should be citizen of India.

Yes, 16 year old can apply for learning driving licence but applicant should be Indian citizen.