How to Apply Online for Driving Licence in India?

Posted on 24th Mar 2021

Apply for Driving Licence Registration Online

In India, a driving licence is the most important Id for legally running two wheelers and four wheelers vehicles on the road. It is proof of the identity of the driver issued by the government of India. In other words, a driving licence is the official document of the Indian Government that permits to legally drive two and four wheelers vehicles on road.

The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of that specific State issued a driving licence. The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act specifies that no person is allowed to drive a motor vehicle in a public place without a driving licence.

Types of Driving licence in India

Check below the types of driving licence which you can apply in India:

  1. Learning Driving Licence : As its name suggests it is a license for drivers who are at the learning stage. A learning licence is given to a person below the age of 18 or to the person applying for a driving licence for the first time. 

    After applying for a learning license, a person needs to give a driving test. If the driver passed the test then the learning license will be issued to the driver. Learning license validity is up to 6 months and after that driver needs to apply for the permanent license.

  1. Permanent Driving Licence : It is a permanent license given to the driver with the validity period of 20 years. This licence is issued after you end up with the validity of 6 months of learning license. A person applying for a Permanent driving license should be above 18 years.

Why is Driving Licence Important?

A driving license is important for many purposes:

  • A person having a driving license gets more confidence and comfort in driving legally on the road.
  • A driver has the knowledge of all the road signs and rules which he/she follows while diving on the road.

Benefits of having Driving Licence

There are lots of benefits of having a driving license but we highlight some main points which you should know

  • You will be considered as the legal driver officially by the government of India.
  • Helpful at the time of accidents for identifying the driver’s identity.
  • A permanent driving license is issued with the validity of 20 years. So you get officially driving protection for the periods of 20 years.

Process to Apply for Driving Licence Online

It is very easy to apply for a driving license online. Just follow the below mentioned simple procedure.

STEP 1: First visit our Driving Licence Apply Online Portal.

STEP 2: Just fill in all detail in the form of a driving license.

STEP 3: Make Payment for your driving licence applications online.

STEP 4: Our executive will process your application and arrange an appointment for you with RTO.

STEP 5: receive your acknowledgment form, application form (pre filled), and Form 1 within 24 hrs.

STEP 6: Walk in interview to RTO for process completion and get your driving licence within a few working days.

NOTE: You need to submit some documents for completing registration. Kindly Check our Document Required for Driving Licence blog for this purpose. 

Why Choose Us?

We are a private consultancy firm who have been providing service for Driving License Registration for 10 years. 

As we see the government procedures of registration are very tough and complicated. People do not easily understand the government procedures so we charge them a very affordable amount and do registration work on their behalf. 

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